New Year, New You

New Year, New You And Then Some

January is the month of new beginnings and I too have been going down that road. I have been in business as a photographer for 4 years, but as a business owner I have found that you need to be more than just a good photographer to be a successful business woman. And you actually need to talk to people, which is not easy for the introvert in me. Don’t laugh, I know you all think I’m this super quirky outgoing personality, but it really is only when I have to be. Otherwise, I’m being super cranial and working up thoughts in my head where nobody can hear. The point is, the common thread to being successful is to work on your goals.

I actually took last year off from my business, as we moved to Northern Washington. Since we had to live in transitional housing so many times before we moved into our house, I’m glad I took the time off, but now it’s time to plan for the coming year. I have been studying goal planning techniques from other photographers and have found many practical techniques that can be used for any business.


The first one that Sue Bryce teaches is to visualize your goals but make them tangible. She suggests trading in the Dream Board in for a Goal List of congruent goals. In other words, make your goals realistic, but also meaningful to you staying afloat in your business. So you do need to reach for your goals, just not be unrealistic about them. For instance, one of my goals is to have 3 clients a month.  This is a realistic goal and it will help me meet my monthly obligations. While saying my goal is to buy a beach house in Southern California is not a realistic dream for this year.

In order to reach those goals you need to break them down. That’s where the 90 Day Sticky Note Plan comes in. I’m not who authored it, but my Business Coach, Galicia Virgin says this process has helped her business tremendously. Get a pack or two of sticky notes and brainstorm goals for your business, then sort them into categories. Next,  you are going to label 3 Sticky Notes of another color 30, 60 and 90 and stick them to you wall horizontally. After that it’s just a matter of picking from your brainstorm notes and sticking them under the 30, 60 or 90 day labels.  You will want to work on the ones that will benefit your business the most for the next 3 months. As Tom Conrad, CTO of Pandora says, “What would be stupid for us not to do in the next 90 days?”  For my business, I am working on getting my social media working. (That’s why I am finally writing this blog post after a 2 year hiatus!)


Reaching goals, however, is not just about action, (making goals and working towards them), reaching goals is about over coming your own obstacles. I can and have “worked” on my business and not been successful. This year, I’m going to work on me and my attitude about allowing myself to be successful. This will mean working on my photography, dealing with fears, and making sure my business is set up for success. And it will also mean clarifying why I love to photograph women, families, professionals and seniors, and how it helps them see their own significance in this big crazy world. I hope you will join me on my journey as I explore new photography techniques in lighting, posing and editing, but also as i “go deep” as they say.  The introvert in me says, “don’t do it”, but the business woman in me say that it’s the only way.


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