Country Family Mini Session

Ring Ring! “Hello?”
“Hi Teri, this is Kristin. My kids are home, my husbands off work, can we do our mini session this weekend?”
I usually like to plan my sessions a little further out, but if the timing is right, then you just gotta do it, right? I’m so glad we did, too. We met on a Friday afternoon at sunset at Casper’s Wilderness Park in front of their fun country wind mill. A little standing here, move your arm this way, laying on the ground by yours truly and BAM! 20 min’s later you’re done. What a great way to keep your family portraits up to date!

071516_Kristin Spaberg_IMG_4839-2-Edit-2_chosen.jpg
071516_Kristin Spaberg_IMG_4877-2-Edit-3_chosen.jpg
071516_Kristin Spaberg_IMG_4850-2-Edit_chosen.jpg
071516_Kristin Spaberg_IMG_4864-2_chosen.jpg
071516_Kristin Spaberg_IMG_4866-2-Edit_chosen.jpg


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