The Moore’s live in the Pacific Northwest, but that was not a problem for this family. They took the opportunity while here in Orange County , visiting family, to have some family portraits done. Their location of choice was none other than Grandma’s backyard! Once I arrived on the crisp cool December day, I was escorted to the back yard to scope it out and allow mom time to finish getting ready. This was a perfect opportunity to get to know 5 year old L a little better and to pick out a few nice areas for me to work in.
First up, was Grandma and her grandkids posed beautifully in front of the outdoor fireplace.

Then we added the rest of the family members for a full group shot. Which I processed with a little more sophistication knowing that Grandma would be wanting to hang these in her home.

Whoops! that was the silly pic. How about this one?
Then there was a little more time to take some candids. Little Z had so much fun being entertained by her older cousin. This was a perfect time to get these sweet images.


So next time you have a family gathering, just remember that these sweet times don’t last forever; kids grow older, family moves away and opportunities are lost. It is up to us to take time in the present to create lasting memories like these, print them and hang them in your home to help us remember how truly precious family is.



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